LABOMODE was created by its current President, Philippe Zeder, in 2001. This family-run company, which had already been dealing in ready-to wear clothing for three generations, slowly became a private regional group specialised in the distribution of top of the range, ready-to-wear clothing. Whilst we were seeking reliable information about the market, we had the idea to develop the first ever database containing an inventory of the entire French commercial network. The company immediately identified the market potential and decided to dedicate itself exclusively to this new activity.

FASHOP project took two years and a team of around 20 people to take shape: managers, computer engineers, ready-to-wear clothing sales representatives, sales research teams, etc...

To ensure a real-time assessment of market evolution and guarantee reliable legal and financial information for our clients, FASHOP set up an exclusive partnership with Ellisphere (prev. COFACES services).

FASHOP attracted its first client as soon as it opened its doors in September 2002. Every day since, increasing numbers of European manufacturers and distributors have been using FASHOP's solutions and services to market their products in a more efficient and less expensive way.

Our independent data production, the proved reliability of our technological systems for management and information diffusion as well as the quality of our services reinforce FASHOP’s position as the leader of the specialized information market in the distribution of French ready-to wear clothing.

In 2012, FASHOP created the first smartphone app to give sales rep teams instant mobile access to their FASHOP prospect databases by consulting details of the stores in the immediate vicinity.

2015 was an exciting year of innovation for FASHOP!
Following the launch of our new generation of online prospection services at the beginning of the year, FASHOP’s services have now extended and include the first specific prospection database for footwear on the French market.